Interaction Designer passionate about information and systems literacy and working with emerging technologies.

Data U is one of many projects she has been pursuing in relation to immersive data and mixed reality experiences.

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Interaction designer, student at CCA’s IxD undergraduate program. 

Fascinated with large-scale challenges within today’s world, Data U is a project that allows him to exercise the system thinking skills: understanding why we don’t and can’t explain the implications of information technology, and learning to act as a designer within a society in desperate need to think better and engage with technology in more thoughtful ways.

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Interaction designer, studying at CCA’s IxD undergraduate program. 

Data U for her is a curiosity-driven exploration: understanding the complex systematic problems behind the current data privacy issue; questioning the way we think and act in a technology world; and learning how to challenge people’s assumptions through design.

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Strategic designer and Adj. Professor at IxD CCA teaching design research and recently a studio class on data and design. 

The academic project Data U is part of decades of work exploring the intersections of data, stories and design.

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Interaction designer, creative director, artist, and teacher.

His background is in designing interactive exhibits for museums, entertainment venues, retail stores, and healthcare environments. In the last fifteen years, he has helped to produce more than 250 interactive exhibits, installed in over one hundred venues. His clients include Beck, Philip Glass, James Cameron, Google, Sony, more than sixty museums, and several children’s hospitals.

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Digital product design leader.

Her background features a blend of creative management, design research, business strategy, visual design, branding, advertising, marketing, and technology.

Currently, She is a Director of Design of The City of San Francisco’s Digital Services. She is also the Associate Professor of Interaction Design at California College of Art in San Francisco and on hiatus as a Graduate Student focused on researching and creating explorations on a topic she calls “contrived realities”. She also does consulting on strategic design projects.

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